Material engineering in cardiovascular reconstruction

Publication from Materials

Major R., Lackner J. M., Gonsior M., Plutecka H.

Engineering of Biomaterials Vol. 21, no. 148, 10/2018


Reconstruction of the cardiovascular system: The aim of the work is to minimize thrombus formation life threatening in the pulsatile heart assist chamber, by the use of a new biomimetic heart valve made on the basis metal-polymer composites. The heart prostheses are dedicated to support the heart of patients with late heart disease failure. They are dedicated to therapy related to self-regeneration or as a bridge for transplantation. In the future, they will be able to help treatment with gene therapy for myocardial infarction. Systems with valves mechanically generate plaque activation by shear stress. This is due to the narrow gap that is between the petal and the ring. Composite materials and a new valve design can minimize this problem. Injected polyurethane with a metallic, titanium bonded insert optimal microscale flexibility with macro-stiffness for ensuring appropriate mechanical functions of the valve.