Nanoimprint Replication of Biomimetic, Multilevel Undercut Nanostructures

Publication from Materials
Hybridelektronik und Strukturierung

Muehlberger M., Ruttloff S., Nees D., Moharana A., Belegratis M.R., Taus P., Kopp S., Wanzenboeck H.D., Prinz A., Fechtig D.

Nanomaterials 2021 11, 1051., 4/2021


The nanoimprint replication of biomimetic nanostructures can be interesting for a wide range of applications. We demonstrate the process chain for Morpho-blue-inspired nanostructures, which are especially challenging for the nanoimprint process, since they consist of multilayer undercut structures, which typically cannot be replicated using nanoimprint lithography. To achieve this, we used a specially made, proprietary imprint material to firstly allow successful stamp fabrication from an undercut master structure, and secondly to enable UV-based nanoimprinting using the same material. Nanoimprinting was performed on polymer substrates with stamps on polymer backplanes to be compatible with roller-based imprinting processes. We started with single layer undercut structures to finally show that it is possible to successfully replicate a multilayer undercut stamp from a multilayer undercut master and use this stamp to obtain multilayer undercut nanoimprinted samples.

Keywords: nanoimprint lithography; UV-NIL; biomimetics; morpho butterfly