Pulsed laser deposition of advanced titanium nitride thin layers

Publication from Materials

Major B., Mroz W., Wierzchon T., Waldhauser W., Lackner J.M., Ebner R.,

Surf. Coat. Tech. 180-181, pp. 580-584, 2004


Titaniumnitride thin layers were fabricated by pulsed laser deposition

(PLD) using a Nd:YAG laser on both metallic (ferritic steel, pure titanium) and non-metallic (polyurethane) substrates by ablation of pure titaniumin nitrogen environment. On-axis and off-axis geometry of deposition was applied. Residual stresses were measured in the TiN phase showing the compressive values in the range of -6 to -8 GPa for the on-axis growth while of approximately -2.8 GPa for the off-axis position. Texture examinations revealed the {110} <112> main texture component in the substrate, while differences were stated in the TiN phase in respect to the geometry of deposition. In the case of on-axis growth, the mostly axial texture with plane {110} parallel to surface with tendency to {110} <011> was observed, while in the case of the off-axis growth the very pronounced {112} <223> dominant orientation was stated. Examinations of crystalline size and lattice strain were carried out on the basis of diffraction line broadening. Deposition of the TiN at roomtem perature on the polyurethane substrate revealed uniform thin layers. Residual stresses showed compressive stresses of approximately -1500 MPa. The measured texture was stated to be close to random. Morphology of deposited layers, examined by means of AFM, revealed similarity to the three-dimensional growth mechanism

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