Spatial light modulator based laser microfabrication of volume optics inside solar modules

Publication from Materials

Bernhard Lamprecht , Valentin Satzinger, Volker Schmidt, Gerhard Peharz, and Franz P. Wenzl

Optics Express 26 (6), pp. A227-A239, 3/2018


Ultrashort pulse laser systems enable new approaches of material processing and manufacturing with enhanced precision and productivity. Time- and cost-effectiveness in the context of the industrialization of ultrashort laser pulse processes require an improvement of processing speed, which is of key importance for strengthening industrial photonics based manufacturing and extending its field of applications. This article presents results on improving the speed of a laser process by parallelization for creating light deflecting volume optics. Diffractive optical elements are fabricated directly inside the encapsulant of solar modules by utilizing a spatial light modulator based parallel laser microfabrication method. The fabricated volume optical elements effectively deflect light away from front side electrodes and significantly reduce the corresponding optical losses.