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Scientific publication

Up-scalable ITO-free organic light emitting diodes based on embedded inkjet-printed copper grids

Publication from Materials
Sensoren und Funktionales Drucken, Hybrid Electronics and Patterning

Sergey M. Pozov, Gerburg Schider, Stefanie Voigt, Franziska Ebert, Karl Popovic, Felix Hermerschmidt, Efthymios Georgiou, Ignasi Burgués-Ceballos, Lukas Kinne, Dieter Nees

Flexible and Printed Electronics 4 (2), 5/2019


We report on ITO-free OLEDS with a transparent hybrid Cu nanoparticle grid/PEDOT:PSS electrode processed in ambient conditions. An experimentally based methodology was implemented, where studies on alternative PEDOT:PSS derivatives and Cu grid design were performed, to gradually increase the efficiency of lab scale ITO-free OLEDs. To further increase electrode performance, inkjet-printed (IJP) Cu-grids are embedded to flatten the electrode, reduce leakage current and enhance homogeneity and efficiency. Finally, embedded Cu based ITO-free OLEDs showed current and power efficiencies comparable to reference ITO-based OLEDs. Methods to manufacture large area flat embedded IJP Cu-electrodes on glass and flexible substrates are presented and upscaling prospects of the proposed ITO-free electrode are discussed.