VitaLight – Light to support vital signs

Publication from Materials
Smart Connected Lighting

S. Schantl, A. P. Weiss, F. P. Wenzl

MDPI Proceedings 56(1), 27, 12/2019


The spectral composition of light has a significant influence on human wellbeing, emotion and health. Natural sunlight is often considered as the ideal light source in this regard. Therefore, artificial lighting solutions that mimic natural sunlight are a central research topic in the lighting industry. Another global trend is the monitoring and evaluation of the vital parameters of human beings to improve their health status and their personal lifestyle. Here, we present VitaLight, a laboratory sample for a smart lighting system that aims to interconnect these global trends and consists of VitaWatch, a wristband with functionally integrated sensors that is comfortable to wear on the body, and VitaLUMI, a lighting unit with access to the internet.

Keywords: health monitoring; blood pressure; smart lighting