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Analysis & performance

Within the PriMuS project we develop new sensor technologies based on magnetoelectric and ferroelectric nanocomposites. In the first case, magnetic particles are combined with a ferro-/piezoelectric polymer. This combination allows electrical charges to be generated by magnetic stimulation (magnetoelectric coupling), which can be detected as a sensor signal. The synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, the formulation of printable nanocomposite inks, the development of a micro- and nanostructured sensor architecture as well as magnetic characterization are central elements of the project. In the second case, sensors with selective pressure and temperature sensitivity are developed by combining ceramic ferroelectric nanoparticles (BNT, BaTiO3) and the ferroelectric polymer.

Main application fields of the developed sensor materials are, on the one hand, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance electrical machines and, on the other hand, gait and running analysis for medical as well as training purposes.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, BMK  and carried out within the framework of the Production of the future - programme.

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