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Organic Electronics

Cost-efficient production of electronic components on flexible substrates

Organic electronics are remarkable due to their potentially highly cost-effective and energy-efficient large-scale manufacturing processes. The field represents a pioneering area of "Green Technology" for the environmentally friendly, energetically efficient and resource-saving production of electronic components that are based on conductive and semi-conductive polymers. There is a high potential for innovation in organic electronics, including production processes such as printing technologies. The largely additive production methods are simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, thus enabling an ecological and cost-efficient mass production of electronic components.

The applications for organic electronics are both diverse and fascinating. They will change our daily lives. International trends in research address issues of organic solar cells or photovoltaics (OPV), organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and organic sensors appropriate for measuring physical, biological and chemical parameters.

Organic circuit on a substrate of flexible film

Organic Thin-film Transistors

The research group Organic Electronics deals primarily with the optimization of organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) and the production of simple circuits. An organic transistor essentially consists of four elements:

  • an electrically conductive material,
  • an insulating material,
  • a semi-conductive material and
  • a carrier substrate

A transistor is referred to as "organic" if the semi-conductive layer minimally is made up of organic molecules or polymers, although all components can potentially be replaced by organic materials. The commercialization of organic transistors in complex applications such as identification tags (RFID tags), smart sensor networks, active-matrix addressing, or other complex circuits based on OTFTs require, however, rapid and powerful individual components. These requirements are being addressed through a series of research projects. At the research site in Weiz, a special cleanroom for the manufacture of microelectronics is available. The manufacture of OTFTs is carried out by using a number of different structuring and coating methods.

Schematic structure of an organic thin-film transistor
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