Submicron Organic Thin Film Transistors with Photo Reactive Electrodes, Dielectric- and Interfacial Layers

The goal of this basic research project is to examine the use of photoreactive materials as functional layers in organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). The design and synthesis of materials is conducted at the University of Leoben (Department of Polymeric Materials Chemistry). The implementation of these materials in OTFTs and their characterization is performed by Joanneum Research. The following topics are being explored:

  • Direct photostructurable dielectrics (polynorbornene, cellulose) as a functional layer in organic thin-film transistors and integrated circuits
  • The miniaturization of electronic devices and circuits by use of high-resolution structuring methods (photolithography, UV-nanoimprint lithography, self-alignment)
  • Self-organizing monolayers (SAMs) for the modification of electrodes or dielectrics
  • Gold nanoparticle solutions for directly photostructurable conductor paths