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Analysis & performance

Hybrid Electronics and Patterning

Head of Research Group

We develop innovative structuring methods enabling large-area fabrication of flexible micro- and nanostructured films or fully integrated components for application in organic electronics, packaging technology, light engineering and optoelectronics, medical technology or chemical, physical and biological sensor systems (systems in foil, printed electronics).

  • Large-area, roll-to-roll methods
    for micro- and nanostructuring of film-based materials

  • Nanoimprint lithography
    for small-batch and roll-to-roll fabrication of functional structures in the nanometer range using hot or UV-embossing

  • Ultra-short pulse laser techniques
    for maskless high-resolution 3D structuring by two-photon absorption and for localised (laser) film ablation

  • Electron beam lithography
    for high-resolution fabrication of embossing tools