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Laser and Plasma Processing

Head of Research Group

We offer laser processing services based on in-depth materials expertise and develop processes tailored to the component properties.

  • Advice in laser processing regarding materials, construction and design

  • Process development in the fields of laser welding, laser alloying and (3D) laser cladding

  • Support in the development of plant concepts and process transfer into serial production

  • Process optimisation and quality assurance following a successful integration in production processes

  • Laser beam diagnostics

  • Physical deposition methods in high vacuum
    Laser and plasma-assisted deposition methods from the gas phase (physical vapour deposition – PVD, pulsed laser deposition – PLD, plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition – PACVD)

plasma and surface technologies and laser materials processing at Niklasdorf (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl)