Sensors and Functional Printing

Head of Research Group

We develop chemical and biological sensors and combine them into compact analysis systems for continuously measuring and monitoring chemical (e. g. O2, CO2) or biological substances. Advanced sensor systems are of special importance in the chemical and food industries, energy and safety engineering, environmental monitoring, hygiene (sanitary sector and food production) as well as in human and veterinary medicine.

  • Development of sensor surfaces: development of active sensor layers and the corresponding surface modification and coating methods for chemical and biological sensors

  • Process control based on optochemical and spectroscopic methods in biotechnology, the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in medical diagnostics

  • Miniaturisation of sensors and detection systems through application of microsystem technologies (microstructuring, printing methods, microoptical components, organic optoelectronics, …)

  • Electronic development and instrumentation of measurement systems

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