Group photo: Participants of the kick-off meeting for GENDERACTIONplus
Gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA) is the focus of the new Horizon Europe project GENDERACTIONplus. Dr. Helene Schiffbänker from the…
Opening event of the Horizon Europe project TRAMI
Opening event of the Horizon Europe project TRAMI - TRAnsnational cooperation on the MIssions approach - with Martin Polaschek, the Austrian Minister…
Twinning: Scientific exchange in Georgia
EU Twinning project assisting in the identification of scientific priorities: from thematic to functional priorities.
GRANteD@DORA Workshop

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GRANteD@DORA Workshop

Using Narrative CVs: Identifying shared objectives and monitoring effectiveness
New study on European industrial, innovation and technology policy
A discussion of central aspects with a view to Austria
Helene Schiffbänker and the Science Minister Heinz Fassmann.
The Käthe-Leichter-Award is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of women's and gender studies in the social sciences, humanities and…
Mission-Oriented Policies in Norway
High level conference on November 25th 2020
Policies Institute Director Wolfgang Polt examined mission-oriented programs.
New Study: Mission-Oriented Innovation Policies in Austria
Re-orienting STI Policies towards Mission-oriented Innovation Policies - Where do we stand? Where are we heading?
Wolfgang Polt, Director of POLICIES gave the Key Note at the Workshop of the Commitee for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) of the OECD in Paris…
Kick off Meeting of H2020 Project SPEAR
SPEAR (Supporting and Implementing Plans for gender Equality in Academia and Research) is a Coordination and Support Action project funded by the…