Käthe-Leichter-Award to Dr. Helene Schiffbänker

The Käthe-Leichter-Award is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of women's and gender studies in the social sciences, humanities and cultural studies as well as in the women's movement and the establishment of gender justice.

Helene Schiffbänker and the Science Minister Heinz Fassmann.
Credit: BKA/Christopher Dunker

Dr.in Helene Schiffbänker received the Käthe-Leichter-Award from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for her outstanding and pioneering research in the field of women's and gender studies in the working environment.

„The Käthe-Leichter-Award is a very special award for my department, because it puts the important topic of gender research in the field of universities and colleges in the foreground", Science Minister Dr. Heinz Faßmann says. "With her versatile and especially interdisciplinary research activities, Doctor Schiffbänker is making a very important contribution to greater gender equality in research and higher education," the Minister of Science notes appreciatively.

Mag.a Roswitha Tschenett, member of the jury and expert, justifies the award with Schiffbänker's extensive publications, research and evaluation activities in national and international projects, which are also highly relevant for the gender equality policy in the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Also highlighted are her achievements in the area of transferring her scientific expertise into concrete consulting and support for higher education and research institutions, her gender equality-oriented commitment in her own institution as a diversity officer at Joanneum Research, and finally, the contribution of her expertise in the context of research-based projects with students using the example of paternity leave and its impact on careers.


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