Mission-oriented politics in Austria

New Study: Mission-Oriented Innovation Policies in Austria

Policies Institute Director Wolfgang Polt examined mission-oriented programs.
Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Schwarzl

POLICIES, together with AIT and on behalf of the BMK, has conducted a study looking into mission-oriented programmes in Austria (Building of Tomorrow, Mobility of Tomorrow, KIRAS, and Benefit/AAL) and the potential to further development of mission-oriented policies in Austria.

The study was part of a large on-going OECD project on mission-oriented innovation policies (MOIP – see https://stip-pp.oecd.org/stip/moip). This policy approach is currently discussed intensively in many countries and will figure prominently also in the next Framework programme of the European Union.


> Read on: Mission-Oriented Innovation Policies in Austria (pdf)