New study on European industrial, innovation and technology policy

A discussion of central aspects with a view to Austria

Institutsdirektor Wolfgang Polt, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Schwarzl


On behalf of the Council for Research and Technology Development (RFTE) POLICIES (together with WIFO and eutema) has conducted a process of broad discussion on the developments towards a 'new European industrial and innovation policy'. The final report on this project, which summarizes the current discussions at European and Austrian level, is now available and can be accessed via the link below.

Project leaderWolfgang Polt:

"With this project we hope to have supported the RFTE in its efforts to initiate a broad discussion process on a new industrial policy also in Austria. In view of the need to react to the challenges of climate change and digitalisation as well as international competition (e.g. from China), this discussion - and the necessary conclusions from it - is of utmost urgency and a central task of politics in the coming years. It is essential that it will be continued in a swift and implementation-oriented manner."

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