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Place-based dimension in higher education policy making

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Paris , 9/2016


The present publication contains a summary of the case studies of the knowledge triangle carried out by countries participating in the respective OECD project. The  Knowledge  Triangle  approach  in  policy  calls  for  a  better  integration  of education, research  and  innovation at HEIs  and  PROs  in order to increase  their contributions  to the  local and national economy. The diversity of institutional models means that their contributions to innovation vary greatly within and among countries. The  Austrian  case  study  focused  on  the  place-based  dimension  at  different  levels  of  Austrian  higher  education  policy making  and  the  role  of  governance  mechanisms,  including  performance  contracts  and  new  structures  to  involve universities at regional level.

In: Enhancing the Contributions of Higher Education and Research Institutions to Innovation (Case Studies Background Document for the OECD High Level Event on the Knowledge Triangle, 15-16 September 2016, Paris), Paris: OECD, pp. 12–14.