RR09 2003/05 "Austrian Research and Technology Report 2003"

Publication from Policies

C. Adametz, M. Ploder

, 5/2003


  The Science and Technology Report 2003 is an extensive
  report on the status-quo and future requirements of
  science, technology and innovation in Austria. The
  government has to submit this accountability report to the
  Austrian Parliament every three years, as declared in §8
  ROA. The report includes an analysis of Austrian
  developments in research and development, as well as a
  concise overview on the publicly funded initiatives and
  measures for the sustainable development of science,
  technology and innovation carried out between 2000 and
  The basis of this report is formed by contributions of
  tip. tip (technology, information and policy consulting -
  www.tip.ac.at) is a research and consulting
  programme for Austria's research, technology and innovation
  policy, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport,
  Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Federal Ministry
  of Science, Education and Culture (BMBWK). tip is a joint
  project of Austria's leading research institutes WIFO,
  JOANNEUM RESEARCH, ARCS and Technopolis Austria.

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