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Advice on diversity in companies: the Gender Check

You would like to perform a gender analysis in your company

  • because you would like to benefit from the innovative capacity of mixed teams for your research and development?
  • in order to better meet the gender criteria of research funding providers in the future?
  • because you want to be seen as a more attractive employer than your competitors?
  • because you would like your company to have more female employees but so far you have not been able to find them?
  • because women leave your company more frequently than men?
  • because you would like more women in executive positions, but have not been able to attract any?

If one of these reasons applies to you, you have come to the right place!

A professional GENDER CHECK performed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH will provide you with in-depth information about

  • whether there are systematic differences in your company between women and men in terms of task allocation, skills, career opportunities, pay, length of employment, work satisfaction etc.
  • whether you should change your corporate image and your recruitment behaviour in order to address men and women equally.
  • whether and why women leave the company more often than men.

We clarify the goals you pursue with the help of the gender analysis and, based on the Gender Check developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, compile an offer specifically tailored to your company. You can choose from the following modules:

Recruiting analysis: we analyse job postings and personnel recruitment strategies, conduct interviews with recruitment officers and online employee surveys about the application process in your company. This helps us to find out how you can improve your recruitment strategies to get more women to work in your company.

Analysis of organisational culture: we analyse the general working conditions in your company (part-time / overtime culture, work-life balance etc.) and their impact on equal opportunities for both genders in your company. We will also conduct interviews with HR managers, members of the staff council (if there is one), executives, and above all with employees. This helps us to identify approaches and fields of action required to change the working conditions of certain groups of employees in order to promote equal opportunities. For larger companies we also use online surveys and focus groups.

Career path analysis: we analyse the typical career paths within the company as well as promotion criteria and practices, in order to be able to identify potential differences between women and men. The methods we use here are document analysis, CV analysis and interviews.


Course Gender Check © JOANNEUM RESEARCH

The results of our inquiries give you the confidence of having invested in the right measures! We do not just provide you with our findings, we also develop possible solutions with you that improve equal opportunities in your company.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH developed the Gender Check concept based on many years of national and international evaluation experience, drawing on an extensive pool of state-of-the-art methods from social science. As a research institution we guarantee professional project management and the highest standards of data protection.


And the best part is: If you are an R&D company with fewer than 250 employees we can assist you in applying for funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the amount of € 10.000 for your gender analysis.