OAGM & ARW 2016

OAGM & ARW 2016


This first joint workshop aims at bringing together Austria's computer vision and robotics communities to address emerging topics of mutual interest. The OAGM & ARW 2016 is organized by FH Upper Austria and will take place at Wels Campus from May 11th to May 13th, 2016.

The meeting is organized by two independent groups:

  • OAGM/AAPR*(1) addresses image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision;
  • ARW*(2) addresses vision-based control of robots and autonomous vehicles.

Whom we want to address:

  • Research - Papers on academic research (officially published or "in progress").
  • Students – Papers resulting from relevant master or bachelor theses.
  • Industry – Applications and exhibition of latest developments in robots and machine vision.

What is our aim:

  • Bringing together different disciplines to strengthen future cooperation.
  • Discussing current topics in both or/and joint fields.
Program Highlights

General topics of interest inclu­de all aspects of computer vision and pattern recognition including, but not limited to:

General Topics: OAGM/AAPR WorkshopGeneral Topics: ARW
  • Pattern recognition (with visual & non-visual data)
  • Object detection, recognition & categorization
  • 3D vision, stereo and structure from motion
  • Image and video retrieval
  • Cognitive vision
  • Safety and security
  • Statistical methods
  • Embedded computer vision
  • Optimization
  • Motion & tracking
  • Scene modeling & understanding
  • Video analysis & event recognition
  • Face & gesture analysis
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical image processing
  • Performance evaluation
  • Robot perception
  • Biometrics
  • Kinematics, Dynamics and Control
  • Mechatronic Design
  • Robotic Perception
  • Human Robot Interaction, Usability
  • Estimation, Diagnostics and Learning
  • Planning and Reasoning
  • Applications
  • Knowledge representation
  • Software Design & Architecture for Mobile Robots
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Embedded Systems for Robotics
  • Field Robotics, Rescue Robots
  • UAV and UGV
  • Multi-robot systems


Keynote Speakers

  • Oliver Bimber (JKU, AT)
  • Ales Leonardis (BHAM, UK)
  • Laurent Resquet (TIMA, FR)
  • Andreas Müller (JKU, AT)
  • Andreas Nüchter (JMU, DE)
Organization & Sponsoring

General Chair

  • Kurt Niel (FH Upper Austria, AT)

Programme Chair OAGM

  • Bernhard Moser (SCCH, AT)
  • Wilhelm Burger (FH Upper Austria, AT)
  • Peter M. Roth (AIT, AT)

Programme Chair ARW

  • Burkhard Stadlmann (FH Upper Austria, AT)
  • Michael Zauner (FH Upper Austria, AT)
  • Markus Vincze (TU Wien, AT)



  • GMAR
  • scch - software competence center hagenberg
  • OCG - Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft
  • OAGM