Summer School on TrustRobots

15.09.2019 - 20.06.2019

16:00 - 16:00

Vienna, Austria

TU Wien


Credit: TU Wien

The Summer School on TrustRobots is organized by the Doctoral College Trust Robots at TU Wien and TU AUSTRIA. We welcome PhD students and young researchers for an intensive five days of lectures, workshops, networking and socialising covering a wide range of topics in social Human Robot Interaction. It will bring together renowned researchers and international students as well as the students of the TU Wien doctoral college “Trust in Robots- Trusting Robots”.

With the advance of technical systems, more and more intelligent and autonomous machines will populate our human-made living space and challenge fundamentals of our society. Autonomous actions of cars or robots can be scary. The thought of robots going astray is puzzling Europeans, while Asians are rather excited by the thought of things being animated and acting by themselves. Hence, there is a need to build trustworthy (autonomous) robots to allow and justify human trust in such systems. The summer school addresses factors which impact trust in autonomous systems and challenges associated with designing trustworthy (social) robots.

Dr. Michael Hofbaur from ROBOTICS is going to give a talk about "in SAFETY we trust?" on September 18th, 2019.

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