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Robotics, Digital | 22.08.2017

ÖAGM & ARW Joint Workshop 2017 on vision, automation and robotics

DIGITAL and ROBOTICS were present with both presentations and session chairs[more]

Robotics | 09.08.2017

ROBOTICS founds training center for modern robot-technology

The ROBOTICS TRAINING CENTER gets started in the end of April with advanced training in the field of robotics[more]

Robotics, Digital | 04.09.2017

JOANNEUM RESEARCH as project partner in national key project MMAssist II

The institutes DIGITAL and ROBOTICS of JOANNEUM RESEARCH are part of the chosen Austrian syndicates which have received the surcharge for the national key project as part of the FTI-initiative of the FFG “Production of the...[more]

Robotics | 16.08.2017

Events within the scope of the ERW 2016

The Long Night of Robots on the 25th November, 2016 Guest lecture on the topic “Robotics & Prosthetics” on the 29th November, 2016[more]

Robotics | 16.08.2017

Study of Potential - Robotics

Study of potential examines the perception of robotics in Austria[more]

Digital, Robotics | 22.03.2016


From 21.-23.03.2016 the 07th “European Robotics Forum” (ERF), which has become the most influential annual meeting of the European Robotics Community, takes place at Ljubljana/Slovenia. The conference exhibition attracts expert...[more]

Robotics | 02.11.2015

Speeddating with young researchers

In the context of the BeSt  (The Job, Training and Education Fair)  mid of October in Graz, the  speeddating event organized by “fti…remixed” enabled teenagers to discuss topics around research, technology and...[more]

Robotics | 02.11.2015

Belgian Delegation visited ROBOTICS

On the occasion of the opening event for the new building B11 as well the Jubilee from the Lakeside Science and Technology Park on October 07th, 2015 a delegation of the German-speaking Community of Belgium accompanied by the...[more]

Robotics | 22.06.2015

ROBOTICS received Best Paper Award

Mathias Brandstötter, Prof. Dr. Michael Hofbaur (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and Christoph Gruber (UMIT) received the Best Paper Award in Research at „3rd IFToMM Symposium on Mechanism Design for Robotics (MEDER 2015, 02.-04. Juni 2015,...[more]

Robotics | 13.04.2015

Kick-off to the first ROBOTICS project

The first project managed by ROBOTICS was launched in January 2015. “CollRob - Collaborative Robotics” is carried out in cooperation with the MATERIALS and DIGITAL institutes with funding from the Federal Ministry of Transport,...[more]

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