Research and Science Council visits ROBOTICS

On 7th July 2021, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Research and Science Council Carinthia.

The Research and Science Council in our ROBOTICS hall
The Research and Science Council visits ROBOTICS Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Jeroutschitsch

During the tour of our ROBOTICS hall, the members of the Research and Science Council, led by Univ.Prof. DDr. Christiane Spiel, were able to gain an insight into our research and project activities relating to robotics and artificial intelligence.

After a short welcome and presentation of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS Institute by Institute Director Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Michael Hofbaur, the tour started at the Hands-on area. Here the ROBOTICS team showed how process steps can be optimised and implemented on a smaller scale. Afterwards, the mobile manipulator CHIMERA was demonstrated to the Research and Science Council. It can avoid people and navigate between obstacles and thus fulfils tasks in intralogistics where a higher intelligence of robot systems is required.

Furthermore, various application examples of artificial intelligence and sensor technology were presented and it was shown how AI perceives, assesses and can react to external influences differently through Deep Reinforcement Learning. Finally, a force measurement in the ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab demonstrated the importance of robot safety, especially in human-robot collaboration, and how biofidelic stresses can be validly measured and evaluated in contact situations.