The premiere of the "Woyzeck Panopticon" theatre on 12 May 2022 was a complete success.

Photo of the premiere "Woyzeck Panopticon"
Fotocredit: Reichmann

For the second edition of the Klagenfurt Festival, artistic director Bernd Liepold-Mosser came up with something very special. Human actors were not enough for the play "Woyzeck Panopticon", it also needed drones and robots to make the theatre complete. For this reason the mobile robot platform CHIMERA appeared as a drum major at the premiere of the play on 12 May, setting the beat of the music with its gripping arm and wooing Woyzeck's wife.

"It was really impressive to see actors and machines interacting. I hope we can see such innovative productions on stage more often in the future."

The play will be performed five times in total - further performances: