ROBOTICS founds training center for modern robot-technology

The ROBOTICS TRAINING CENTER gets started in the end of April with advanced training in the field of robotics

 Man holds his hand to the robot


As an institute of robotics and mechatronics, ROBOTICS is occupied with innovation-driving technologies and is hereby taking the demanding questions of modern robotics into consideration. Due to the significant pace with which modern technology is evolving, continuous advanced trainings are becoming more and more essential. With the establishment of the Robotics Training Center (RTC), ROBOTICS reacts to the demand of industry and economy for training programs within the subject area of mechatronic, cyber-physical and especially robotic Systems.

Based on the institutional expertise, the training offer comprises the fields of decision-making competence for robot technology, utilization of robot technology, security of human-robot-cooperation, information technology and machine intelligence within the context of robotics, mathematical tools of robotics as well as robot programming right up to the subject field of Industry 4.0. Based on customized training packages, the RTC offers the possibility to different target groups to deepen and broaden their knowledge of the complex thematic of robotics and thus prepare them as best as possible for future challenges.

The training center gets started in the end of April at the location of ROBOTICS in the Lakeside Science & Technology Park Klagenfurt. Further information about the individual training packages together with the dates are available at