Study of Potential - Robotics

Study of potential examines the perception of robotics in Austria

Study of Potential - Robotics

10 years have passed since the last broad study of potential regarding robotics in Austria took place. The ministry for transport, innovation and technology (bmvit) took this as a reason to do another scientific examination on this case. Responsible for this action was the department “Informations- und industrielle Technologien und Raumfahrt”, managed by Mag. Michael Wiesmüller, of the bmvit. The supporting companies are the GMAR-members TU Wien, TU Graz, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, FH Technikum Wien, incubed IT and JKU Linz, who worked together on the creation of the study of potential - robotics. Coordinator of the study is PROFACTOR GmbH. The study should be able to answer following questions:

  • What perception of robotics in Austria exists regarding the technology, the market, and the economy?
  • What are the needs for innovative robotic solutions in relevant branches?
  • What kind of development – framework and guidelines - is to be expected?
  • Which recommendation for action could be given to the client (bmvit)?

The recommendation for action for the client will derive from the results of the study. The specific economic and industrial structures in Austria need to be considered for a successful completion of the study. The finalization of the study will take place in six months.