Dynamic parameter identification of the Universal Robots UR5

Publication from Robotics

Nemanja Kovincic, Andreas Müller, Hubert Gattringer, Matthias Weyrer, Andreas Schlotzhauer , Mathias Brandstötter

Proceedings of the Joint ARW & OAGM Workshop, pp. 44-53 , 5/2019


In this paper, a methodology for parameter identification of an industrial serial robot manipulator is shown. The presented methodology relies on the fact that equations describing motion of any mechanical system can be written in a linear form with respect to some set of parameters. Based on experimental measurements done on the Universal Robots UR5, the presented technique is applied and the dynamical parameters of the robot are determined by use of the Moore- Penrose pseudoinverse. At the end, the ability of the determined parameters to predict measurements other then the ones used for the identification is shown.


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