Proficiency Testing for Contact Force Evaluation in Collaborative Robot Systems

Publication from Robotics

Michael Rathmair, Thomas Haspl, Michael Hofbaur

Proceedings of the Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW), pp. 27-32 , 6/2021


The measurement of force loads at potentially occurring human-robot contact situations is a state of the art method to verify physical safety in collaborative robot systems. The standard ISO/TS 15066 specifies the requirements for the collaborative mode of operation, but there is no uniform procedure that describes the execution of force measurements. In order to harmonize the approach and ensure the validity of results in this paper, we propose three rounds of interlaboratory comparison experiments for proficiency testing. The goal is to achieve a common level and understanding of safety evaluation and the associated quality of measurement results. To validate the experiments, we executed a case study, discussed the comparison results and documented lessons learned in order to fine-tune the stablished measurement processes for contact force evaluation in participating laboratories.


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