Versatile Collaborative Robot Applications through Safety-rated Modification Limits

Publication from Policies, Robotics

Mathias Brandstötter , Titanilla Komenda, Fabian Ranz, Philipp Wedenig , Hubert Gattringer, Lukas Kaiser , Guido Breitenhuber , Andreas Schlotzhauer , Andreas Müller, Michael Hofbaur

Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics. RAAD 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol. 980, Springer International Publishing, pp. 438-446 , 5/2019


A robot is a exible tool and handling device. However, by eliminating safety fences in robotic applications, exibility is limited as regulations on personal safety must be followed. Any modication on the system or application will require a new risk assessment before the system can be put back into operation. This circumstance costs time and money and stands in contradiction to the nature of a robot as a versatile and adaptable device. By introducing safety-rated modication dimensions and determining admissible variations indicating the limits up to which the system or application can be changed in compliance with safety regulations, a potential solution to overcome this restriction is presented. A model-based strategy for estimating and validating the aforementioned modi cation limits is proposed, up to which changes on the system can be made without conducting a new risk assessment. The proposed approach gives rise to a novel safety concept for collaborative robotic applications, which ensures exibility while taking into account safety standards.


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Keywords: robot safety, mobile manipulation, reconfiguration,, risk assessment