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Scientific publication

YuMi, come and play with me! A Collaborative Robot for piecing together a Tangram Puzzle

Publication from Robotics

David Kirschner , Rosemarie Velik , Saeed Yahyanejad , Mathias Brandstötter, Michael Hofbaur

ICR2016 – First International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Robotics , 8/2016


Human-robot collaboration is a novel hot topic in robotics research opening a broad range of new opportunities. However, the number of sensible and efficient use cases having been presented and analysed in literature is still very limited. In this technical article, we present and evaluate a collaborative use case for a gaming application in which a twoarm robot has to piece a Tangram puzzle together with a human partner. Algorithms and methods employed for this purpose are presented, performance rates are given for different setups, and remaining Problems and future developments are outlined.