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Credible & Safe Robot Systems

Project content

As soon as robots operate in the direct neighbourhood of humans, the safety of the latter is an essential issue. Trustworthy robots are characterized not only by the reliable and safe execution of tasks, but also by a mode of operation that is comprehensible to humans and the ability to act autonomously in a priori unknown situations. Within the framework of this project, decisive steps are to be taken towards the technological realization of a reliable and, subsequently, safe robot behavior. Our focus in CredRoS is on the following areas:

  • Dynamic situation recording and comprehensible safety assessment
  • Justifiable performance of tasks
  • Self-monitoring, error detection and safety-assessed collision detection
  • Evaluation of actions of distributed robot systems
  • Cryptographically secured logging of system behavior
  • Modeling and Machine Learning for Computer-Aided Safety Assessment
  • Project Kick-off Meeting, March 27th, 2019
  • ERF Workshop "Trustworthy Robots – Safety, Credibility, Explainability", March 21th, 2019
Project funding

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology within the framework of the sponsorship agreement formed for 2019-2021.