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Promotion of fairness and trust in AI through participatory technology design formats

Project content

The aim of the project dAIalog.at is the conception of new methods of participatory technology design for the application field of artificial intelligence (AI) in workshop format. The methods developed allow users to be involved in the technology design process and promote their reflective technical knowledge. The workshop methods will also be designed to support the development of 'fair', trustworthy AI systems in Austria, i.e. to promote diversity and equal opportunities for users.

Topic contents in the research project:

  • Exploration of a user-based approach to promote the fairness of AI systems and to increase the confidence in AI of Austrian enterprises.
  • Development of participatory technology development formats that open value-based discourse spaces between companies, organisations, users and research and aim to promote fairness and trust in AI systems.
  • The participation formats developed should make AI technology tangible and accessible to the end user.
  • Enabling users to design their own AI systems, contributing to the fairness of the systems and increasing their social and corporate acceptance.
Project information
  • Funding Agency: FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency)
  • Call: Programme "Ideenlab 4.0"
  • FFG Project number: 878805
  • Project period: 04/2020 - 03/2021
Project website

Further information can be found at: https://daialog.at/