ROMELO: Robot-Human Logistics

Project Objectives

In cooperation with Magna Steyr the industry-oriented research project ROMELO focused on the investigation of collaborative robotics systems in order to find out how they can be used beneficially in assembly halls. In the course of the project, workstations with integrated sensitive robots had been developed in order to represent human-robot collaboration with practical use cases in an assembly environment.

ROBOTICS and DIGITAL were collaborating with Magna Steyr to develop all required functionalities for the implementation of the applications/use cases.

For the successful realization of the selected use cases during the project numerous steps had to be taken and challenges had to be tackled, such as:

  • Identification, evaluation and definition of potential use cases
  • Consideration and evaluation of existing robot technologies
  • Elaboration of secure gripping technology in the context of human-robot-applications
  • Robust image processing and trajectory planning
  • Determination/definition of a suitable man-machine interface for easy operation of the systems
  • Risk management, hazard assessment and risk mitigation measures
  • Feasibility study and opportunity assessment of human-robot-collaboration Solutions
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