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FlexIFF: Flexible Intralogistics for Future Factories

Photo credit: Flextronics International GmbH

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Current manufacturing facilities already meet the limits of the required throughput of their products to be produced. This is because of requirements such as growing product diversity and short-term customer requirements. Despite a high level of automation, production chains lack flexibility to adapt to fast changing demand. To counteract this deficiency, partial processes are implemented as islands whose spatial arrangement and concatenation can be dynamically changed in the overall process. Due to the constantly changing production sequences and locations, transportation between the islands and their machines is difficult to automatize. FlexIFF introduces intralogistics task teams consisting of people, mobile robots and mobile manipulators. These cyber-physical systems are able to handle the transport steps which are necessary to execute the production plan in a coordinated manner. Human team members as well as operators keep an overview through assistance systems by the use of, e.g., augmented reality (AR)-supported interaction methods, and can intervene in support, provide solutions to new problems and optimize them.

The project is coordinated by JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS. Project leader is Dr Horst Pichler.

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Further information can be found at www.flexiff.at