„RedRobCo“ – Redundant Robot Control

Project Objectives

The project Redundant Robot Control (RedRobCo) focusses on stationary and mobile redundant serial manipulators in the context of human-robot collaboration and robot safety.

The main objective is to analyze and develop methods to exploit available degrees of freedom (DOFs) of manipulators to achieve particular optimization goals (e.g., safest, most ergonomic, most efficient human-robot collaboration, obstacle avoidance, singularity avoidance, minimal execution time, minimal energy consumption, maximal precision) in addition to the correct execution of a specified main task. Concrete robotic platforms considered for this purpose include amongst others KUKA iiwa, Schunk 9 DOF LWA, CUMA and UR3.

As regards content, the project is organized in three parts:

  • Analysis of stationary and mobile redundant serial manipulators
  • Multi-priority, inherently safe control of redundant serial manipulators
  • Multi-body compliance control for mobile manipulators

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology within the framework of the sponsorship agreement formed for 2015-2018.