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Physical robot safety, i.e. the safety for humans while carrying out their work with the machine, is the central focus of the ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab. Corresponding standards and laws, such as the EU Machinery Directive or the robotics safety standard ISO 10218, pose specific requirements that must be met for the value-added use of a robot system in business and industry. In order to successfully implement this development step, the REL offers "Safety as a Service" by means of innovative service packages.

In a modern equipped test laboratory, our experts of the ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab can traceably and validly measure biofidele exposure in contact situations between humans and robots and evaluate their conformity. In addition, the range of services includes customer-oriented consulting activities and the support of industrial companies on their way from the initial automation concept to the CE acceptance of their robot system.  This requires innovative approaches and methods, which are developed in research projects and subsequently developed to industrial marketability. Our know-how, which we generate from research and industrial projects as well as from our active participation in relevant standardization committees, is also passed on to companies in specific training and education programs.


REL - Safety Services at a glance

Our services for safe human-robot collaboration include the following:

  • REL-Force: Testing Laboratory for the determination of biomechanical force exposure  and their conformity to ISO/TS 15066.
  • REL-Pressure: Measurement of pressure exposure and their local and temporal course in contact situations.
  • REL-Consulting: Consulting in the field of human-robot collaboration - from the first draft of the robot system to CE labelling.
  • REL-Analysis: Risk analysis and comprehensive safety assessment using simulation and verification methods.
  • REL-Training: Competence development in the field of robot safety for system developers and safety officers.

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