Industry-Robotsystems and Technologies


The research group Industry-Robotsystems and Technologies offers a broad technology spectrum for innovative robotics with a focus on robot-based production. The key researchers work on the essential technology building blocks for innovative robots and intelligent systems in nationally and internationally funded research projects. For industry and economy, the research group implements robot systems and robot system components in industrial research and experimental development for the demonstration of the systems in the corresponding operational environment. In cooperation with end users and system integration partners, optimized and safe robot-based production systems on higher TRL are also developed. The broad expertise of the team enables the development of tailor-made solutions for the targeted use of modern robot technologies.

Our core competencies cover the following areas:

  • Modern sensitive lightweight robotics, industrial robotics and mobile robot systems
  • Holistic spectrum of mechatronic robotics
  • Robot kinematics and control theory
  • Sensor systems and perception
  • Complex, secure and functionally safe software systems for the comprehensive system integration of intelligent systems and system monitoring
  • AI-based planning and perception methods
  • Mathematical modelling, simulation and optimization of robot-based automation

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