Mechatronic Systems


Robots distinguish themselves from classical automated machines by their flexibility and versatile application, and are therefore consistently realised as complex mechatronic machines. This interdisciplinary (mechatronic) structure with elements from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology requires sound interaction and operation of these specialist disciplines. On the other hand, partial aspects of mechatronics can also be applied for classical tasks of automation. The range of activities of the research group »Mechatronic Systems« therefore comprises basic technologies and fundamental sciences of mechatronics in order to provide innovative mechatronic mechanisms for robotics on the one hand, as well as for novel applications in automation on the other hand. Complimentary to  this focus on functional innovation of mechatronic mechanisms, we also consider the aspects of safety as integral parts of our research activities.

The main focus of this research group lies in the following areas:

  • Redundant and modular robot systems
  • Safety-compliant  mechatronic mechanisms and robots
  • Dynamic task and motion planning of complex mechanisms
  • Control theory and automation

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