Robotic Systems

Head of Research Group

Besides the classical robot mechanism and its control electronics, state-of-the-art robot systems comprise a variety of further components, as, for example, diverse sensors, distributed and networked computing units and interacting software modules implemented thereon. Furthermore, a robot system is often also embedded in a larger system context, so that many aspects, like interfaces, real-time requirements of communication and computer technology, system security, and reliability, must be observed. This increasing complexity of the robot systems requires new systems engineering approaches for the entire lifecycle of such a system in order to ultimately guarantee the demanded flexibility, reliability, and security of the robot systems.

The focal points of the research group Robotics Systems therefore lie in the following areas:

  • Software and systems engineering for robotic systems
  • System security and security architectures in production systems
  • Reliability of robot systems
  • Embedded, distributed, and real-time systems
  • Software quality of robotic software

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