Development of a Protocol for Automated Glucose Measurement Transmission Used in Clinical Decision Support Systems Based on the Continua Design Guidelines

Publikation aus Health

Meyer M, Donsa K, Truskaller T, Frohner M, Pohn B, Felfernig A, Sinner F, Pieber T

Studies in Health technology and informatics , 2018



A fast and accurate data transmission from glucose meter to clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) is crucial for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus since almost all therapeutic interventions are derived from glucose measurements.


Aim was to develop a prototype of an automated glucose measurement transmission protocol based on the Continua DesignGuidelines and to embed the protocol into a CDSS used by healthcare professionals.


A literature and market research was performed to analyze the state-of-the-art and thereupon develop, integrate and validate an automated glucose measurement transmission protocol in an iterative process.


Findings from literature and market research guided towards the development of a standardized glucose measurementtransmission protocol using a middleware. The interface description to communicate with the glucose meter was illustrated and embedded into a CDSS.


A prototype of an interoperable transmission of glucose measurements was developed and implemented in a CDSS presenting a promising way to reduce medication errors and improve user satisfaction.