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BIT's 7th Annual Symposium of Drug Delivery Systems

Vienna House Diplomat Prague

BIT's 7th Annual Symposium of Drug Delivery Systems

For the seventh time the SDDS-2017 will bring together scientists from the industry, academia, as well as leaders from healthcare providers, policy makers and investors to provide unique insights into advances in pharmaceutical sciences, breakthrough technologies, evolving regulations and investment strategies in drug delivery for future healthcare. This event will also have a specific focus on co operations between China and the rest of the world through exhibitions and oral presentations by specialists in the field. 

With the increasing number of effective drug molecules the importance of drug delivery plays a critical role in achieving enhanced therapeutics that combine a drug with a targeted delivery system to improve the therapeutic outcome. Starting from a clinical need, the development of enhanced therapeutics through the application of appropriate drug delivery technology bears great opportunities but remains a challenge at the same time. The SDDS-2017 program will follow the path of the drug delivery system development and showcase some of the cutting edge technologies, latest developments and efficient methodologies. SDDS offers the unique possibility to discuss with additional 300 colleagues and friends worldwide who are expected to join us in Czech Republic. The SDDS is also the place to start interesting new collaborations between academia, industry and institutes to further develop or apply drug delivery technologies towards the market. 

Thomas Birngruber will attend the conference.

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