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COLAE - Training on Nanoimprint Lithography, Inkjet Printing and Surface Characterization

14.-17. October 2013

@ JOANNEUM RESEARCH & NanoTecCenter Weiz, Franz-Pichler-Straße 30/32, 8160 Weiz, Austria

COLAE (Commercialising Organic and Large Area Electronics) accelerates the commercialisiation of organic and large area electronics by creating supply chains, providing access to training resources and enabling effective product development.

The COLAE project is offering a practical training course of seven modules to provide participants with a thorough overview of each of the key technologies in Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) together with direct hands-on experience of device fabrication in Europe’s leading research facilities.

The course consists of five key modules covering the main OLAE devices and process: OLEDs, organic PV, OLAE production technologies, organic TFTs and Smart Systems Integration. In addition, there is the opportunity for participants to attend the ISSON summer school in organic electronics to build up their background technical knowledge before attending the practical courses and a further module providing training in the emerging area of design tools for organic electronic circuits. Participants can select any combination of modules to meet their training needs.

The course has a strong practical element, with more than half of the time in each module spent in the laboratory rather than the classroom. Through the course, participants will have access to state of the art OLAE laboratories and processing equipment at Europe’s leading research institutes. Due to the high level of laboratory work, participation will be limited to a maximum of between 10 and 16 persons on each of the modules.

The target audience for the course is primarily early stage researchers or those new to the area, particularly those in industry.

The training on Nanoimprint Lithography, Inkjet Printing and Surface Characterization will be held at JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS institute together with NanoTecCenter Weiz Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. For further details please contact Dr. Anja Haase, Tel. +43 (0) 316 876 2702.