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Meeting Global Challenges through Better Governance

OECD publication on governance of STI collaborations to address global challenges with contributions from JOANNEUM RESEARCH is available now.


The urgency to address global challenges like climate change, global health or food security is evident. As they are crossing national borders and are too big to be tackled efficiently by one country alone co-operation on an global scale to build science, technology and innovation capacities on national as well as international levels must be supported. This raises questions on how to scale up and broaden the scope of international STI co-operations, how already existing international co-operations are functioning and which governance modes lead to effective and efficient collaborations?

The OECD publication “Meeting Global Challenges through Better Governance” provides answers to these questions. Experts from JOANNEUM RESEARCH were involved in conducting the case study on Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) and contributed to the analysis of priority setting processes in international STI collaborations.

More Information on this project is available here.