Adhesion of Cr/CrN Multilayers to Steel Substrates

Publikation aus Materials

Kot, M., Chronowska-Przywara, K., Major, L., & Lackner, J.

Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 759, p. 27-35 , 6/2015


Cr/CrN multilayers with a bilayer period [Lambda] = 62 ÷ 1000nm, were investigated. They were deposited by PLD technique on austenitic and ferritic stainless steel substrates. Coating hardness and adhesion to substrates were measured by nanoindentation and scratch testing. Multilayer properties were compared with single Cr and CrN coatings. The 2xCr/CrN and 4xCr/CrN multilayers exhibited hardness slightly lower than the hardness of a single CrN coating, while the critical load of the 4xCr/CrN multilayer, measured in the scratch test, was two times higher than for CrN. Furthermore, the character of coating failure also indicates the higher fracture toughness of multilayers than ceramic ones. The highest scratch resistance of the hardest multilayer with a bilayer period [Lambda = 250nm is extremely interesting. The measured values of the critical loads LC1 and LC2 of all coatings were higher for harder ferritic than austenitic substrates. However, analysis of scratch track geometry indicated that coating failure occurred under the same deformation of the coating-substrate system, while the higher values of critical load for coatings on ferrite derived from the higher hardness of the substrate.