Biomimetics in thin film design: Niche-like wrinkles designed for i-cell progenitor cell differentiation

Publikation aus Materials

R. Major, J. M. Lackner, M. Sanak, B. Major

Materials Science and Engineering: C Volume 80, 1 November 2017, Pages 379-386, 11/2017


The future and development of science are in interdisciplinary areas, such as biomedical engineering. Self-assembled structures, similar to stem cell niches, inhibit rapid cellular division processes and enable the capture of stem cells from blood flow. By modifying the surface topography and stiffness properties, progenitor cells were differentiated towards the formation of endothelial cell monolayers to effectively inhibit the coagulation cascade. Wrinkled material layers in the form of thin polymeric coatings were prepared. An optimized surface topography led to proper cell differentiation and influenced the appropriate formation of endothelial cell monolayers. Blood activation was decelerated by the formed endothelium.