Laser Cladding vs. Laser Alloying – a Comparative Study

Publikation aus Materials

Görgl R., Brandstätter E.

Proc. 3rd Intl. Conf. on Heat Treatment & Surf. Eng. of Tools and Dies, Wels (Austria), 23.-25. March, pp. 74-83, 2011


Both laser cladding and laser alloying are related techniques for surface modifications of tools – mainly used for increasing wear and/or corrosion resistance locally. While laser cladding is nowadays already well established but has certain competitors (e.g. PTA-welding and flame gunning), laser alloying is a unique technique with currently only one single industrial implementation but lots of prospective applications. This article will introduce the principles and differences of laser cladding and alloying and give a brief synopsis of the advantages compared to its competitive techniques. Finally a few selected applications are presented.

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