Novel multilayer nano-composite protective coatings for metallic medical tools

Publikation aus Materials

Major, L., Lackner, J.M., Kot, M., Morgiel, J.

International Journal of Materials Research, 106 (7), pp. 804-809 , 2015


Requirements for tribological protective coatings for medical tools, which would increase their wear and corrosion resistance, are very high. The presented paper deals with novel nano-composite, multilayer protective coatings for tissue interaction elaboration and their diagnosis on metallic substrates. A hybrid pulsed laser deposition system was used for coating deposition. In the presented work, nano-composite Cr/CrN + [Cr/a-C : H implanted by metallic nanocrystals] multilayer coatings were developed for surface protection. The mechanical properties of the coatings were investigated by means of micro-hardness and elasticity modulus measurements. Bio-medical tests were conducted using eukaryotic cells. Microstructural analysis by means of transmission electron microscopy indicated that chromium which was implanted into a-C : H layers reacted with carbon forming chromium carbides.