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New Developments of an optochemical measurement system for the continous monitoring in subcutaneuos tissue by microdialysis

Publikation aus Materials

Bizzarri Alessandro, Konrad Christian, Cajlakovic Merima, Ribitsch Volker

Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2007. Atlanta: 1400-1403. , 2007


The monitoring of dissolved O2 in blood and organic tissues is extremely useful for physiological and
respiratory studies and for monitoring the health conditions of hospitalized patients. Based on these demands an optochemical measurement system for the continuous monitoring of O2 in subcutaneous adipose tissue of critically ill patients is reported. The system consists of a miniaturized flow trough cell including an O2 sensitive layer, an optoelectronic measuring unit and a microdialysis catheter for the extraction of the biological fluid.
The measurement principle is the phase modulation fluorometry. The sensor allows the O2 measurement in the
range 0-300 mmHg, with a resolution better than 1 mmHg and an accuracy better than ±1 mmHg. With respect to a previously reported instrumentation, this measurement system shows a high degree of miniaturization and an improved production reproducibility of the optochemical sensing layers. This new instrumentation has been extensively validated in laboratory and in-vivo tests.

Keywords: Oxygen Sensor pH sensor CO2 sensor

Url: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICSENS.2007.4388674

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