ARW 2022

ARW 2022

The Austrian Robotics Workshop 2022 took place from 14-15 June, 2022 in Villach. This year’s focus was on robotics for assistance and in healthcare, as it is becoming a key element for successful robotic solutions.

The general topics of the workshop included:

  • Design, construction and fabrication of robotic assistance systems
  • Modelling and design for robotics in assistance and healthcare
  • Robot Modelling
  • Software Design & Architecture
  • Estimation, Diagnosis and Learning
  • Mobile and Service Robots
  • Field and Rescue Robots
  • UAV, UGV, Autonomous Systems
  • Human Robot Interaction, Usability
  • Planning and Reasoning
  • Realistic Sensor Simulation
  • Robot Sensing and Perception
  • Sensor Modelling and Calibration
  • Sensor Reliability
  • Near-Field Sensors in Robotics
  • Robotics with applications in assistance and healthcare
  • Applications in Industry and Education

Keynote Speaker Margit Gföhler (TU Wien), Tommy Swigart (Kinova), Bernhard Rinner (University of Klagenfurt)

For more information about the program, please download it here.

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