Austrian Robotics Workshop

ÖAGM & ARW 2017

This joint workshop in 2017 aimed at bringing together Austria's computer vision and robotics communities to address emerging topics of mutual interest.

The meeting was organized by two independent groups:

  • OAGM/AAPR addressed image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision
  • ARW addressed vision-based control of robots and autonomous vehicles.

Whom we wanted to address:

  • Research - Papers on academic research (officially published or "in progress")
  • Students - Papers resulting from relevant master or bachelor theses
  • Industry - Applications and exhibition of latest developments in robots and machine vision.

What was our aim:

  • Bringing together different disciplines to strengthen future cooperation
  • Discussing current topics in both or/and joint fields.

The Workshop took place in May 10th-12th, 2017 in Vienna, Palais Eschenbach and was organized by Technical University of ViennaAIT Austrian Institute of Technology and UAS Technikum Wien.

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